Presentation for restorers at the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan by a researcher of the National Center of Archeology.

Senior researcher of the Samarkand Institute of Archaeology named after Y. Gulamov of the National Center of Archeology Academy of Sciences RUz, Aysulu Iskanderova made a presentation at the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan.

In a presentation intended for the restorers of the museum's restoration laboratory, Aysulu Iskanderova gave detailed information about the use of new technologies in restoration work, mainly on metals and ceramics. The researcher also stressed that in order to expand the use of this technology in the future, the restorers of the museum will undergo training in museums in Uzbekistan. She also noted that the museum also plans to hold workshops in ceramics.

In conclusion, Aysulu Iskanderova gave recommendations to the museum's specialists on the restoration of archaeological materials.

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