Journal "Archeology of Uzbekistan" journal "Archeology of Uzbekistan" contains articles on the study of problematic and controversial issues of ancient and early medieval civilization, material and spiritual culture, as well as special notices and brief information on important events in the field of archeology. data are accepted.

In accordance with the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, all articles are summarized in Uzbek, Russian and English with a full description of the direction, scientific problem, content and keywords of at least 10 words. must be given.

Drawings and photographs provided with the scientific article can be submitted in color and black-and-white image (resolution at least -300 dpi) up to 10 copies. Drawings and photographs are shown in Arabic numerals in the text (eg, Fig. 1; Fig. 2; Fig. 5). Only Times New Roman font should be used in the preparation of the article.

The citation in the article is formalized in the text (e.g. Petrov, 1998. p. 65; Mukhtorov, 1991. pp. 22-25).

The list of references is made out in the following way:

Name. The name of the book. Place of publication. Year.

Name. Article title // Collection name. №, vol. Place of publication. Year.

Abbreviations (those works) are not allowed when the literature is reused.

The reference mark is placed before the punctuation mark. References are made in the form of separate group comments before and after the main text.

The abbreviated list includes the names of the cities where the publishing house is located in Moscow, Leningrad, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Cambridge, Leipzig, New York, Oxford, Paris (eg, M., SPb, NY, P.).

All scientific articles are accepted on the basis of reviews and recommendations of an expert in the field.

Articles that do not correspond to the content of the journal and are not formalized in accordance with the above requirements will not be accepted by the editorial staff of the journal "Archeology of Uzbekistan" !!