At the National Archaeological Center of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, an international scientific seminar on the topic "In Search of Stars: Development of the Central Asian middle Stone Age" was held.

This seminar was dedicated to the Middle Paleolithic and brought together leading specialists in the field of archaeology from leading countries of the world, including France, Israel, Poland, and the Russian Federation.

The scientific seminar discussed issues related to the Middle Paleolithic, including topics such as "Searching for Ancestors in the Middle Paleolithic: Findings from Excavations in Obirahmat", "Early middle Paleolithic of Uzbekistan: A Case Study of the Kulbulak Settlement", "Initial Results of Chronology of Multilayered Deposits of Koksarai 2", "New Achievements in Periodization of the Central Asian Middle Paleolithic: Luminescent Finds", "Prospects of Studying Middle Paleolithic Cultures (Based on New Finds in Tashkent and Surkhandarya Region)" and others.

The presentations also addressed research related to the production of stone tools found in Obirahmat and conclusions drawn from the study of structural changes due to erosion in the Middle Paleolithic

Scientific research related to the Middle Paleolithic in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in Central and Eastern Siberia, was also discussed within the framework of the seminar.

In addition, practical work was carried out to study the unique archaeological sites of the Stone Age period located in our country. The main goal was to harmonize theory and practice.

Such seminars help clarify archaeological analysis methods and address numerous global issues related to the middle Paleolithic