Board of young scientists

The Council of Young Scientists of the National Center of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a scientific society (hereinafter the Council) based on voluntary membership and cooperation. The Council was established in 2010 on the initiative of young scientists and with the support of the administration of the institute and is intended to represent the interests of young researchers, senior scientific researchers and undergraduates of the institute.

The main goal of the Council of Young Scientists is to familiarize young people with the main system of scientific research, continue the existing programs of scientific schools and create new scientific schools, support the creative work of young scientists in the field of professional and public works. The youth association, which is engaged in education and development of integration, on the basis of scientific research, supports the interests of young people in the professional and social direction, and also assists in the stable growth of personnel to high positions.

The main tasks of the Council of Young Scientists:

 Promoting the professional growth of young scientists and securing them at the National Center of Archeology, including scientific, methodological and organizational support in their choice of relevant areas of research and preparation of doctoral theses.

 Promoting the dissemination of research results of young scientists, including the promotion of their scientific results at reputable scientific conferences and in peer-reviewed scientific journals indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.

 Planning the participation of young scientists in scientific conferences;

 Provide practical assistance in conducting innovative research work;

 Collecting information about organizations that provide grants to support scientific work of young scientists, and the correct distribution of funds.

 Consolidation of efforts of young scientists in solving priority scientific and scientific-methodological problems.

 Attracting young scientists to scientific research and scientific and methodological work.

 Assisting the leadership of the National Center of Archeology in identifying and solving professional, scientific, social, housing and other problems of young scientists, including the problems of professional growth of scientific youth.

 Promoting the development of contacts between young scientists of various scientific specialties for the organization by the forces of young scientists of interdisciplinary complex scientific research aimed at solving urgent and practically significant problems of modern science.

 Promotion of dissemination of research results of young scientists, organization and holding of scientific conferences, seminars, field schools and other events in which young scientists can take part, establishment and development of contacts with national and foreign organizations focused on attracting young personnel to science.

 Promoting the development of youth scientific initiatives.

 Search and introduction into practice of new forms of work of young scientists; creation of a database and other information resources, including those with remote access.

 Cooperation with scientific organizations, councils of young scientists of other educational organizations, academic institutions and research institutes.


Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists A. Sandibaev