Funeral rite and rock art as a source in the reconstruction of the spiritual life of the societies of Central Asia

On April 26 of this year, in the National Center of Archeology, lectures are organized on the topic of research of each researcher and doctoral students in connection with the implementation of the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 792 and the acquisition of new scientific knowledge for young scientists.

Within the framework of these lectures, the head of the "Bioarchaeology Laboratory", Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy in History, Yelena Anatoliyevna Gordieva will give a lecture on the topic "Funeral rites and rock paintings as a source for restoring the spiritual life of Central Asian societies." . In the lecture, new information was given about the spiritual image of the figures depicted in ancient graves and rock paintings discovered in Central Asia. Young scientists were asked many questions at the meeting. Each question was answered in detail by the speaker.