In what secret room, found in the ancient city of Kultobe?

Archaeological excavations in the territory of ancient Turkestan brought to the important discovery. Uchenye nashli stoyanku drevnix sufiev - Xanaka.

According to the specialists of the Kazakh Scientific-Research Institute, these unique architectural objects were built in the XV-XIX centuries. During the excavation, various rooms, a parade hall and a mogul slug were found.
        “The khanako found in Kultobe is indeed one of the most interesting structures directly related to the Yassavi sect. This is evidenced by the fact that the bodies were buried near the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmad Yassavi (about 300 meters) and that their heads were turned to the north, that is, to the side of the mausoleum. There are enough such examples in Central Asia, ”said Andrey Khazbulatov, Project Research Director

The scientist also said that the construction of such facilities along with mosques and madrassas is a good thing. Often the initiators of the construction of khanaqas were the rulers or the governors appointed by them. The Turkestan room, located in the city of Kultobe, consists of 10 small rooms with furnace stoves and ovens. In the southeast there is a mausoleum with a basement. Archaeologists have found that 7 people are buried in it. All of them are laid facing the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmad Yassavi. Perhaps this indicates their belonging to the Yassawi sect.

In the future, this place will be turned into an open-air museum. In any case, the relevant department plans to do this next year. A thorough survey will be carried out on the territory of Kultobe with an area of   27 hectares, after which the restoration of all objects located in the city will begin.